Friday, 1 April 2011

Down to Brass Tacks

I understand that this may be an in-delicate topic, so for those with a delicate stomach - turn away now....Dog POO! 

Pic: of overly large Renton with a huge poo bag and small man
The euphoria of getting a new dog was flattened when Mary from Guide Dogs followed Renton down the garden..scooped up his poop and handed me this HUGE bag of poo.  I laughed, thinking that she had just filled a bag with lots of rubbish to make it heavy...but no..for cleaning up after Renton we could easily hire a pick-up truck.

Lorne, of course, has seen the funny side of this with his most recent cartoon - the Poo bag is bigger than me!

For those people new to the Blog, Lorne has also submitted another cartoon of Renton running rings around me when I work on obedience training....

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