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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Coming Soon - lets talk positive!

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I've been amazed at the feedback from both the Blog and the Documentary - mainly from sighted people who are surprised that there are blind people who are out there, holding down a job, getting out and about, being professional. 

Readers of my Blog come from, Australia, Korea, Japan, Netherleands, Canada, Italy, France, Russia, USA, Luxembourg and more  So, I want to know more about some of the positive stories that out there in this big world of ours.  Send me your good news, your upbeat, I want to hear of people "doing" things..real daily life scenarios..from travelling to work, getting out of bed..yes ok to climbing mountains.....- but I want real life snapshots...of gadgets that you have developed or use, which have helped you.

I'll sort out a separate page in the blog over the next couple of days to collate all the info.  

But send me your stories or audio clips, news clips, 
Youtube links - lets start moving on this

You can email me

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