Sunday, 17 April 2011

Ode to Renton

My friend Brian Orr of Lanark wrote this poem at the weekend, in honour of my new guide dog Renton..please enjoy... and thankyou Brian

Pict. loving black and white picture of Renton wit h haze surrounding him


They knew it was coming
But it was still hard to take
Trusty Moss' time was over
It was time for a break

So Ian's search started
For a guide dog supreme
And a big German shepherd
Was our macho man's dream

No poodle for Ian
And labs were now out
But a dog with some presence
Who could push folk about

Life with no guide dog
Was really a pain
Especially as Ian
Was inept with the cane

He'd breeze up the High Street
Of Lanark fair town
White stick in his hand
Knocking wheely bins down

At last the call came
A new dog had been found
A big German beauty
Called Renton - the hound

Renton came for a visit
To check out the new boss
Ian passed the test
As did Christine and Moss

Then 3 weeks of training
In sunny East Kilbride
Walking and bonding
With the "pony" at his side

Yes, Renton was a big lad
Both in length and in height
Sleek coat and fine features
A truly awesome sight

Soon Renton was at the BBC
Lying, resting on the floor
For Reevel and Jackie, 
To stroke and adore
He liked the stardom status

He even had a blog
Which got over 10000 hits
Not bad for a guide dog

And then he really made it
The real star of his breed
Appeared on peak time telly
The programme -"Born to lead"

Now Renton's Ian's Porsche
As he speeds around the town
His friend and his companion
He'll never let him down

Pict. of Renton playing in the snow

Brian Orr     April 2011

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