Saturday, 5 January 2013

For those people outside Scotland

The Documentary will be shown at various times over this weekend and is back on BBC iPlayer

This weekend they are showing my documentary “in Dogs We Trust on the BBC News  Sky 503channel. Presented by myself, wonderfully produced and directed by Nicola Blackmore and I certainly shouldn’t forget the cameraman Chas Ross who did such a sterling job under a tough shooting schedule.   

It was first shown on BBC1 Scotland on December the 17th. So it is fantastic that more people in the UK are getting a chance to see it. Particularly as so much of it was shot in England.

This documentary is a follow up from one I made in 2010 Called “Taking the Lead” It followed the process of retiring my guide dog Moss and getting my new one Renton. Renton is a large German Shepherd and is my 6th guide dog. I started young. In fact, this year will be my 30th year as a guide dog owner. A momentous occasion. Sadly, not all of my dogs saw it through to a full working life. One retired early because he couldn’t cope with the workload and the other passed away early with a sudden illness. 

Other than that, the other 4 dogs had good and happy working life. 

It was fascinating making “in Dogs We Trust”.  We didn’t have a massive amount of time to make it, in fact, we didn’t start filming until the end of October and it had to be in edit by the middle of November. However, fortunately, I knew some of the people to talk to already. so it wasn’t such a panic as it could have been.

If you want to watch "in dogs we trust" (click on this link for the bbciplayer) there are a few opportunities to view it over the weekend, if not, it’s back on the iPlayer. However, it is 3 minutes shorter than the original.  This was to fit in to the news channels schedule.