Monday, 13 January 2014

Newsnight Scotland tonight on BBC 2

In my latest film Renton and I travel in the Tardis to the year 2034 to findout what happened after Scotland voted YES to INdependence at the 2014 Referendum.  This is one of two films the second one to be shown next Monday night, looking at what happens if Scotland votes NO in the Independence Referendum.

I met four people with very different views, of  how a future Scotland might be.  So watch tonight at 11pm BBC2 Scotland to see me with my time traveling dog

Friday, 10 January 2014

Our nerves are shredded.....and breath....

I don’t want any of you folks to fret, but I’ve had a monitor fitted for the last 24 hours to check on my blood pressure.  No! No! I mean it, don’t concern yourself about my possible demise. No tears please, it’s embarrassing.  It’s just one of these things you have to go through when you get to a certain age. I’ve been informed its preventative encase I have a heart attack or a stroke in the future.
I had my blood pressure done in the surgery as part of a general check-up, but every time I have had my blood pressure taken by the nurse the pressure increased.

I hate anything medical. “It’s probably white coat syndrome.” the same nurse said. So this is why I’ve got this monitor fitted and it’s driving me nuts as it goes off every 30 minutes with a bleeping and whirling sound, as the arm band inflates.
Having a sensitive German Shepherd in the house is not helping my readings at all.  As every time it bleeps and whirls, Renton gets a fright and starts barking as he doesn’t know where the noise is coming from.  Which then gives me a fright which then probably increases my blood pressure.   Both of our nerves are shredded. I expect the reading on this monitor when it returns to the surgery will not make happy reading. I’m anticipating when the nurse plugs it in to her computer to analyse the data all kinds of alarms will be set off and an ambulance will be sent automatically to my door to cart me off to the local heart ward.
Bleep, bleep, whiz, whiz Oh their it goes again must remember to breath out. WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! “Shut up Renton.”  Breath in breath out..ning ning nang nang nang and relax...grrr woof.