Sunday, 29 January 2012

Welcome to 2012 - I'm back....

I’m back.
As you will have noted, I’ve not written anything for a while, however I’m now back  with a vengeance!

Since last summer I’ve been on the road covering a whole range of stories from politics and organic produce to cost of care, history of the Scottish political parties, corporation tax the Arts Turner Prize, and the gap between rich and poor people.  I’ve been all over Scotland, England, northern Ireland. I even ventured abroad when I visited Holland as part of my Cost of Care Series. (you can see some of the films on Camera Prof. Nicola Blackmore's site)
Now I’m very much into the issues around the Scottish referendum debate. I’m not long back from Cornwall and Corby to gauge their opinion. next week I’m off to the North of England to hear about their views on Scottish separation from the UK.

I suspect that I will be working on this particular topic for the next two years at least. 
What about Renton and Moss I hear you ask? 
Picture of Moss and Renton sitting side by side
Well, he’s been fantastic and has really matured. However, he’s not lost that sense of fun. Importantly he is a great guider and when shown a route once he never forgets. Renton just loves to please so he tries hard and enjoys his work.  
Renton has just a few foibles. Which I’ll tell you about in future blogs. I’ll also give you an update on Moss, so don’t forget to return here and read more.