Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Cost of Care for the Baby Boomers in Scotland- Newsnight Scotland

I thought you might be interested in my recent Report for BBC Scotland

We have been warned that the population in Scotland is changing.....but it has already changed..so what are we doing about?

Newsnight Scotland  the link is only available to people in the UK and for  1 week only.

Monday, 25 July 2011

time for giving Renton a good grooming!

With all the doom and gloom which around just now I thought I would share with you

Well it was a sunny afternoon, Renton was kind of snoozy and as Christine was complaining about the amount of dog hair over the kitchen floor, (German Shepherds cast constantly) I decided to groom Renton...now normally he is very patient and stands for ages as I make his majesty look spiffing...however yesterday he just wanted to play..he stuck his head under my arms, and wouldn't stand up and rolled about on the grass and got up to all kinds of hi-jinks...and made us laugh..when I stopped he came after me for more attention....and gave me a big paw and playful bark...
Pict: of Renton rolling about on the grass

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Bagpipes at the top of GlenCoe - in aid of Guide Dogs

Lorne playing his bagpipes at the top of Glencoe
Lorne is preparing for a his next challenge for Guide Dogs, by climbing the Aonach Eagach (The Toothed Ridge) of Glen Comhain (Glen Coe) I'll tell you more about this later..but is quite spectacular.  He is 79 and 3/4yrs old I have to point out!!

Lorne Brown finally gets to play his pipes - Just click on the link and you will see what happened when he climbed to the top with his friend  "Sherpa" Greg McShane (the carrier of the Bag pipes)  who was also behind the camera. .
S'math sinn!!  enjoy

to raise money for guide Dogs  just click on Lorne Brown..you will also get a peek as to what his next amazing challenge will be.