Tuesday, 24 March 2015

For those of you who know me well, will also know how laid back and easy going I am. You’ll never hear me complain, grump or moan about anything. [Please note this is a rhetorical statement and doesn’t require a response from anyone. Thanks.] Anyway, there is nothing annoys me more when I’m being asked for a particular form of ID.


There I am this morning standing with a bloody huge guide dog in the bank with his harness on and they ask me; Mr Hamilton, “do you have a drivers licence?” "What do you think?” It’s not as if I’ve not been in there before and they don’t know who I am. Plus they can see the dog as I come in. They know I’m blind. I think the question; “do you have a drivers licence?” is just a stock question they ask everyone when they are looking for ID and it’s out their mouth before they’ve engaged their brain.


Anyone fancy a lift? “Ok Renton, which way do we go now?”