Wednesday, 30 March 2011

iPlayer link is working

Just a quick note BBC is now playing the programme on iPlayer click the link below.

Born to Lead


  1. Thanks, Ian. Glad to see that those of us who don't live in Scotland can enjoy the programme. Absolutely amazing programme. Teaches me a lot about how visually impaired people cope with day to day life with a dog, something which interests me as a mildly mobility impaired young person.

  2. This is so wonderful. It must be hard to try and find a dog that can replace a retired Guide in his/her duties. When I get the puppies I know that I'll have to give them up in a year's time. I suppose you never know how long a Guide is going to work though.

  3. rather bummed that it won't let me view it here in the US. Sounds like it is an excellent program though!