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Monday, 8 November 2010

Time for a quick rant

I have to get something off my chest. Crazy questions from the general public!

I’m fully aware that people are interested in how a guide dog is trained, but even when I answer their questions, for some reason they don’t always seem to believe me. I've put some examples below:
Question “How do they teach the dog to read signs?”  
Answer “Dogs can’t read, they’re dogs.”
re-action public: perplexed, disbelief, the dog must know how to read signs....  

Member of public shouts to me..."haw Mr...what a lovely dog you've got, I've got a girl one like that at home"
re-action me - Perplexed, disbelief....

Question “Are you sure they can’t read?”
Answer “Sorry, I misled you, yes you are correct they can read. In fact my dog is currently reading War and Peace.”

One question that was asked this week not to me, but to Christine as she followed behind me and Renton. 

Question “When does the dog know when to cross the road?”
Answer “It doesn’t, it is up to the blind person to judge when it is clear” 
Question “Yes I know, but when does the dog know that the road is clear?”

And on it went with the person repeating the same question at least 4 times and getting the same response. It was a perfectly reasonable question, but she didn’t like the answer. 
The next one always makes me laugh and I end up being sarcastic, I can’t help it. Keep in your mind that my last dog was a black Labrador and my new one is a large German Shepherd. 
Question “When are you going for your new dog?” 
Now then I’m  standing with something the size of a small horse with a white harness on which says in neon lettering  Guide Dog. 
Answer "here he is" and I point to the dog- just to make sure
Question, “It’s a black Labrador you have though, isn’t it, what have you got this time?”
Answer, “I’ve got the same again a black lab.” As I nod to the Shepherd.
Answer “Ah that’s good.” Then they wander off -  Confused?

And I’m the one with the Guide Dog. It’s a real worry.  

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