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Monday, 15 November 2010

Wise old dog!

“you can’t put an old head on young shoulders.” My retired dog Moss who was 10 years old this week, showed Renton a thing or two when it came to getting a treat without having to bust a gut. 
When free running Renton in the park his re-call (ie: return to me!) is generally pretty good, but to keep his response time up, we regularly reinforce it by going through a number of obedience and re-call exercises before taking the lead off of him.  I normally start the routine  with  “sit, wait, down, wait.” and while I’m doing this, I’m walking around the dog with the lead fully extended. Next step is to put on his play collar with bells attached so that I can hear where he is in the park. and yes, it does make him sound like an alpine cow! 
Anyway, a new re-call game we play is where Christine hides and I get Renton and Moss to go and find her. When they do, they’ll get a treat from her and then I’ll use my whistle to call them both back to me for another small treat. It keeps them interested in us rather than other distractions in the park. Fun for all the family.
However, Moss got quickly bored with this game. So when Renton went tearing off to find Christine, Moss quietly moved only 3 yards away away giving me the impression that he too was off to hunt  down his prey.  When I blew my whistle, I heard Renton running back, his bells getting quickly  louder and louder.  And then on cue Mr Moss steps in at the last moment for some praise and a treat. He hadn’t gone anywhere or done anything to deserve it, but he managed to con his former blind handler that he had been helping out Renton.

 Hey,..wise old dog!!!dontcha be teaching the young one new tricks!! 

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  1. Clever old Mr Moss!! He will no doubt be teaching Renton some of his crafty ways. Hope all is well with all four of you, will speak soon. Love Ruth