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Thursday, 25 November 2010

How about a challenge for you, the reader?

Down and stay!.
I’m wanting a little help from you. I have had amazing feedback about the blog..and I would like to know from more blog readers,  how much more detail you would like to know about my life with Renton..I mean, I find it fascinating..of course!! might be going..oh no..not more.. about Renton.

So... any tips on what you would you have liked or disliked so far..would be really helpful.

and your prize?...well you'll get a personal mention in the blog of course!!!    or a pint down the local have to pay your own expenses though if you live outside Lanark.well, lets never mind the outside lanark bit!!!!!just pay..all your expenses actually....phew..thank goodness I remembered to say that..considering the readership!!! Australia, Korea...planes are expensive.....


  1. Many of your blog participants may not be aware of your professional life it may be worth explaining how having a guide dog has enhanced your chances of working in such a difficult area as the media. Also not many of your bloggers will know that you have no sight at all, so telling a bit about that story may inspire others to get up and go as you have done, so other may follow you in securing a serious career in a field of work that many of them probably would consider impossible.

  2. I would love to know more about guide dog, Moss and Renton as much as about you and your work as I find the way you tell the story is very fascinating and fun to read.

    How about the suggestion of just "keep writing" ?