Saturday, 30 October 2010

Renticus Giganticus

Well, Renton and I have now been home for over 72 hours. As I said in my last blog, Renton wasn’t happy in the hotel, but  now that he’s here at home, my goodness, what a different dog. In the last few days of our stay, he stopped eating,  took to staying in the bathroom and refusing to come out. We called it his U bend phase, as Renton  spent most of his free time staring at a space under the sink. 
The change in Renton as soon as we came in the front door of my house was so tangible. After all, he didn’t know this was going to be his home, Renton had only been here once for a very short stay during our matching visit. Nevertheless, their must have been something familiar about being in a house opposed  to being in a hotel that brought him out of his shell. He bounced around every room, making himself familiar with the place, he found some places he wanted to lie in and sniffed out every corner.
We are in the fortunate position of having a reasonably large garden for a dog to run around in. So we opened the door and stood far back....jump. run, chase, throw toy, he had a great time.
Christine was worried how Moss my retired guide dog would cope with this prospective large new house mate. This has been Moss’s home and he is very happy here. so Christine and I had a concern that Moss might feel pushed out of his own home. 
We had no need to worry, because they have both settled down well together.Moss appears to have had a calming effect on Renton, and when Moss had his dinner, it encourage Renton to eat, which was just great.  However, I’m not convinced that Moss knows that this dog is here to stay and not just for a visit. 
It didn’t take long for Renton to make his presence felt. As Mary my trainer and I were standing chatting in the garden all we heard was SPLASH! As Renton jumped into the pond. Moss who is a Labrador and is meant to love water has never been near it, but Renton was straight in there.

Best of friends?

The question is  -  did he jump or was he pushed -  as Moss was spotted trotting away from the scene  - seemingly unconcerned...... wag wag! 

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