Saturday, 9 October 2010

New Dog

In 2 days time I’ll be off to a hotel to be trained with my 6th guide dog. On the 5 previous occasions I attended a Guide dog training centre, but now I’m off to spend 3 weeks in a 4 star hotel, as the Guide Dog Association abandoned their residential training centres a few years ago

However, people don’t seem to believe me when I say that I’ll be away until the end of October. “Well I’ll pop around and see you at the house next Sunday” is what they say  - No matter how often I repeat  I will not there -  they just ignore it and say  “Yes, but you’ll be back at the weekend,” So just to emphasise, no I will be in a hotel until the end of October being trained with my new dog. I  will not be back at the weekends.

Since June when my existing dog retired due to bad hips, I’ve been bumbling my way around using my white cane. It’s not a skill I ever mastered and I never feel more blind than when I’ve got a white stick  in my hand. So knowing that they’ve eventually identified a suitable dog hasn’t come too soon.

This time around I’m getting a German Shepard or for some of you it might be better known as an Alsatian. I’ve had one before and people’s reactions never fail to amuse me. The most common breed of guide dog is a Labrador. People who like Labradors are generally relaxed about their fondness of the breed. However, those who like German Shepards really like them, No! really, really like them and they will put themselves out to come and talk to one. German Shepard groupies. This is the picture of my new dog. Handsome fellow!



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