Friday, 22 October 2010

Dog Log Day Six

Renton taking the high ground

Renton and Moss met properly this week as you see in the photo below, Moss looking to the left and Renton to the right!..says a lot. They had met briefly when I had my matching visit with the Guide Dog Instructors,a few weeks ago, but that was just a quick introduction. This time we took them to a park. The instructor Mary and I met Christine and Moss to give the dogs  a free run together. At first they just ignored one another. Moss sniffed about as only Moss does.("I should have been a drugs sniffer dog you know, says Moss, I just stood in the wrong queue") Whilst Renton ran around with his toy in his mouth as only Renton can. Two very different characters.

All was going well until Moss ran over to another dog to play, however, Renton’s herding instincts kicked in and he ran over to round Moss up and bring him back, much to Moss’s displeasure. He didn’t want to be rounded up, he's a sociable fella. As you can see in the photo Renton is some what bigger than Moss. However, Moss wasn’t going to have any of Renton’s  attitude and stood up as tall as he could and had a right go back. There then ensued a bad tempered  exchange between the young and old dogs. It sounded a lot worse than it was and in time I’m sure they’ll be good friends. 

Nothing that a little Family Therapy, self help books and a bottle of brandy wont cure!..who gets the brandy? 

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  1. Hi Ian, and Renton of course,

    Absolutely love reading your blog, I feel as if you are in the room talking to me.. brilliant! I am sure Moss will learn to love Renton in a very short space of time, who couldn't he is such a lovely dog! About the family therapy and brandy..... Allan assures me that we have a gin evening planned sometime in the very near future? Will that suffice? Keep writing.... I am converted to an avid reader! Ruth xx