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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Rentons secrets

Pict: Renton in his nest of Bluebells

Well, I'm learning a lot about this dog.  I never knew that he had such a strong  "nesting" vibe going on.    Renton has two favourite garden spots, the first one is by the hedge where he likes to gather all his toys and "garden finds" He has a fantastic Doggy Frisbee, wooden stick, favourite garden plant label..(hey who knew?) plant pots (he kindly takes the plant out first!) ball on a rope(which is like a ten tonne granite stone when wet..just about knocking him out when I throw it) and his fantastic Nyla bone that he got for Christmas
Pict of huge Nyla Bone

and the other  favourite spot is in amongst the bluebells where he likes to lay flat, hiding from the world, he thinks that no-one can see him but Christine says his ears give him away! This is a fantastic nest, well flattened and cushioned with newly blossoming flowers! 

Pict of flattened Blue Bells

Pic: what Renton sees from his angle..yes the photographer had to lie in his spot to get the perfect picture!
I've learnt another couple of things, that his Bowl is the size of the sink....

Pic: of Rentons huge food bowl being washed in the is so huge it could be a sink 

 ...and because he likes sitting In the plants so much he is suffering from Doggy
Hay fever...which makes him scratch so much the vet had to shave some of his fur off to get to a bit where he had chewed and chewed.....he is on medication now and getting better.

Pic: Rentons back with square piece of fur shaved off

oh and I was going to tell you something else, but...Renton?...where has he gone..? ah

He's brought out a Celebrity Super-Injunction.....
Pic: of Rentons' tail disappearing out of the picture

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  1. What a boy Renton is! Congratulations to the photographer too for capturing these brilliant images!