Saturday, 4 February 2012

Renton Digs for Victory

Picture of big paws for digging a big hole!!
In my last blog, I hinted at Renton’s foibles. For some unknown reason he’s started digging a hole in the garden and it’s getting bigger and bigger and deeper and deeper. We know, that he knows that it is wrong to dig, as when we catch him with his giant paws in his newly created crater pumping away like jack hammers, he stops.. looks up, puts his ears back,  then runs away. He disappears either inside the house to his bed, (muddy paw trail across all the floors of course)    Or he dashes to the front of the house and hides...Christine caught him poking his long nose and ears around the corner watching to see if we were still there.
If he would dig in the places that needed to be dug, that would be fantastic and a useful extra skill for his cv. But no! He digs in places I’m likely to walk. For example. In front of the wood store so that when I go to get wood, I fall into it...If I didn’t know better I would think he is setting a trap. 

the beginnings of the whole
Having a guide dog that randomly digs holes makes life interesting. It can make strolling around my garden fraught with a combination of excitement and terror. 
I have considered that maybe he’s trying to tell me something. Does he not like me? Perhaps he doesn’t like working! I wonder if he gets bored sitting at my desk at the BBC? Then again, perhaps it’s just a practical joke against his blind owner.  Who knows! What ever it is, I wish he would stop digging, as it’s bloody dangerous.  

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  1. He's digging all the way to New Zealand so he can come and see me. (: He probably thinks you could do with some sunshine too...