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Thursday, 10 February 2011


Renton with his smokey bone and view over the River Clyde, lying beside my desk
In the past week Renton and I have been out filming for our BBC documentary. For a year now the film crew have been following the process of working with a new guide dog. 
As part of the programme, I've been posing the question, "why in this day and age,  are blind people still relying on an animal to guide them?"

You would have thought, that by 2011 we would be using far more sophisticated means of mobility. Like: very accurate GPS systems, echo methods and implants. Sadly no. We are still a long way away from finding reliable high tech replacements for the guide stick and dog. Perhaps even several decades away. 
However, a dog like Renton is not just a form of mobility, he's also a fantastic companion. People approach me for a chat when I’m with Renton,  who  would normally be either to shy or embarrassed to strike up a conversation. Yes! It can be a pain, but at least I’m not ignored. 
I also use a satellite system for the blind, which is totally speech enabled, but I would never use it on it’s own as it isn’t accurate enough.

Renton supervising my work at the BBC

 For the foreseeable future I can’t imagine working without my dog. 

                      So, I’m sticking with Renton. 


  1. Nice photos. Wonder who took those?

  2. Moss of course, he had a timer and just sprinted round to his pose..he is a professional dontcha know!