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Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Photo: Moss gallups along by himself into the snowy countryside
SNOW! SNOW! And more bleeding SNOW! For the first few days it was fun to get the dogs out for a play, Renton just loves the stuff, but it is impossible to work him when it’s so deep and it is now getting very frustrating.  

Guide dogs are trained to stay off roads and to walk on pavements, and this week has been very exasperating with the pavements and edges of the roads being piled high with ice and snow. Renton is taught to stop at kerbs..and as you know...with all this snow, we are lucky to find the kerbs. 

All this snow can also be very disorientating as all the regular landmarks and sounds change when everything is covered in snow. As I’ve only had Renton a couple of months, it’s important to constantly reinforce his training to consolidate our bond. Something that I am worried about as we’ve been unable to do this, over the last couple of weeks 
Photo: Moss comes back - for a biscuit of course!
On the positive side, Renton and Moss have had a fantastic time, giving them space to get to know each other and test each other out a bit. We’ve had them out running together, around Lanark golf course which is covered in a couple of feet of snow. There have been a few tussles, German Shepherds like to play by chasing and standing on their back legs in play fights, while Mr Moss...well, He is a gentleman and likes keep to his gentle rules of chase and then follow games.

Photo: Renton trying to eat the snow
 Renton loves to pick up the snow with his mouth and toss it into the air and then try and catch it. Because of his size, it’s so easy sometimes to forget how young and puppy like, he is.

photo: car in snowy driveway
This week, like a lot of people, it has been hard to get to work, I must venture in next week or my colleagues wont recognise me. I’ve got  a funny feeling they might remember Renton though.    

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